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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a PPO Provider?
Click on the link below. This will bring you to our ďFind a PPO Provider PageĒ. The Fund uses BCBS for medical providers, Metlife for dental, Eyemed for vision and Sav-Rx for prescription providers. Click on the type of provider you are looking for and follow the instructions to find a PPO Provider.

Click Here to Find A PPO Provider
How do I know if Iím eligible for benefits? How do I view my work history and contributions? How can I view my medical claims history?
Click on the Member Login. Login using the initial of your first name followed by your last name and last four digits of your social security number with no spaces in between. i.e. John Doe should be entered as jdoe9999.

Your password is your date of birth which should be entered as the month, day and year you were born. i.e. May 5, 1965 should be entered as 05051965

Once you login you will be asked to register under the website. From here you can change your password, view and print your eligibility, work history, claim history and explanation of benefits.
Why wasnít my claim paid?
Go to the Member Login using the instructions above. From here you will be able to view your medical claims history. By clicking on the Claim Number you can view the explanation of benefits for your claim. Listed below are some common reasons for a claim not being paid:
  • The claim was applied to your calendar year deductible.
  • We are asking you for a completed claim form providing the details of the accident.
  • We are asking you for an update advising us if you or your dependents have other insurance.

If youíre unsure why your claim wasnít processed or about your balance due on a claim you may also contact the Fund office at 630-293-5218.
What happens to my insurance if I canít work due to a non-occupational injury or illness?
If you become disabled while you are eligible for active insurance benefits under a Plan that provides disability benefits you may be entitled to disability pay and credit for hours/weeks not worked to maintain your benefits at no cost to you for up to 26 weeks. Please go to the forms section on the home page of the website to print a disability application form. You and your doctor must complete the form and return it to the Fund office. We may ask for updates from your doctor to review your disability status. If we need an update to pay additional benefits we will send you a note on your disability check stub.
What happens to my insurance if Iím disabled due to a work related injury or illness?
The Fund does not provide benefits for any work related injury. Some contracts require your employer to pay benefits for a certain amount of time if you become disabled due to a work related injury.
How do I get claim forms?
Click Here
How do I enroll my dependents for coverage under the Welfare Fund?
Submit copies of birth certificates for your children, a marriage certificate, copy of birth certificate or driverís license for your spouse along with a brief note indicating if you or your dependents have any other insurance. If you are adding children from a prior marriage or step-children, we also need a copy of the divorce decree indicating who has custody and who has to provide insurance.